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The Hunger Games Harry Potter reached the end of the road and ready to fire curtain Twilight series next year, The Hunger Games could be one of the successful franchises to provide young people around the world on fire. We do not know if it will turn the same "fire" in their hearts as well as those productions, however, Yahoo posted by cartoon poster definitely try their luck Movies, at least metaphorically, in this respect.

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Adapting the novel by author Suzanne Collins's success has starring Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) sent together with other 23 teenagers to fight against each other, life and death, giving the title game televised. Cruel and unusual show is organized by the Capitol, the capital and control center's panem, composed of 12 regions formed sometime, the United States of America.

The logo of the poster is worn by all participants in the game and shows a bird called Mockingjay, title consists of the name of a song bird (Mockingbird) and the other birds (jabberjay), created by mutation of chapter members to listen and reproduce, then conversations rebels.

The image also makes contact following Collins book series, entitled Mockingjay and Catching Fire.

As the subtitle of the poster, "The chance is on your side" is a phrase uttered by those who would be selected for Hunger Games, a short motto, somewhat ironic for those involved in the game and how it can be exciting for the audience. The Hunger Games will start the game on March 23, 2012

Down here we have some videos with the last news about The Hunger Games first movie. The Hunger Games movie trailer official will be here as soon as it will be available.

The Hunger Games Movie Gets Release Date

'The Hunger Games' Official Teaser Poster

'The Hunger Games' Trilogy To Be 4 Films

The Hunger Games movie 2012

The Hunger Games movie 2012The Hunger Games is launched in 2012. Adapting the books of Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games, SF Trilogy with sales over 800,000 copies worldwide and 2.9 million editions to be published, will be launched in the United States on March 23 next year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Production Filmmakers has been cataloged as one of the most anticipated movies of late and announced, even if targets (like books) mostly teenage audience, surely this age and the past will find very attractive and adventurous world competitive future, as it was imagined by Collins.

The Hunger Games has therefore a release date (March 23, 2012), and a start date of filming, director Gary Ross plans to start filming later this spring or early summer. But the movie lacks, at present, the name of the poster players - even the lead role, that of the heroine 16 years Katniss Everdeen has not yet been offered. The young protagonist will have to face life and death struggles are held every year in an America of the postapocaliptic future. The fights are televised, and young people caught in the twelve districts are forced to hunt each other until one winner remains. The Hunger Games movie trailer will be here as soon as possible.

The Hunger Games Cast Jennifer Lawrence or Hailee Steinfeld The Hunger Games with Jennifer Lawrence or Hailee Steinfeld? According to SlashFilm, Oscar nominated this year, Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone) and Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) are candidates for the main role in The Hunger Games, which represents studios Lionsgate and director Gary Ross had a stage production decisive film's success.

The first part of the trilogy based on books author Suzanne Collins will debut in theaters in March next year, and fans are anxious to find out who will be starring in this series, whose qualities, says the director, are the strength, confidence, courage defiant and, in particular, demonstrates compassion.

Both Steinfeld and Lawrence met with Ross and gave evidence for the role of teens 16 years Katniss Everdeen, who gets to participate in the most cruel and bloody televised game of the future.

Steinfeld has confirmed that it is one of the actresses in the viewfinder producers, has an age close to the main character (14 years), and the ambition shown in True Grit and a force far beyond her years.

On the other hand, Lawrence is the age limit imposed by the studios (20), but it seems, is preferred for the role. Lainey Gossip A source said: "I was informed that during this weekend [Lawrence] has participated in the casting and they [the producers] were thrilled. Very much. None of the other actresses had failed to perform as it did. I was impressed. I was told that it is considering making a bid. "